Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Crazy Matthews

Sorry i gave the wrong address.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Blog Up

I have finally got the new blog up and going for our family.

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Blog Take 2

So for some reason the link that I made to our new blog isn't working so here is what you do you highlight the fallowing.
cut and paste it into your browser bar thing at the top of your page and then it should come up. I hope to have our Christmas post up tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Blog

I have started a new blog for our family. I am turning my old blog into a book and that is two years of stuff. I was just going to delete old postings and then we would be good but I got so far behind in making the book I don't want to delete anything till the book is done and in my hands. I have decided that for next years book I would make it a little better on myself and start with pretty much one year so it is not so overwhelming. I hope you all want to keep fallowing our family as of right now I am not going private so just switch our address to.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Trains Trains and more Trains

This year a lady that I work with asked me if we where going to the trains this year? I had no idea what she is talking about so we got to talking and there is a guy in our stake that does this train thing every year where he lets people come and look at his model train set. We knew of this family because we where in singles ward with his daughter and they own Tia Rosa's Mexican Restaurant here in Mesa. I found out a little more about his trains and come to find out he has the third largest train set up in the nation. By the time I found out about it there where only two Saturdays left when he was doing it. I asked my mother in law about it and if she knew anything and she said not really but remembered reading something about it in the paper. That night Blaine and I needed to run around and do some last minuet stuff so Ryan stayed with Gma Matthews and some of his cousins where there so my MIL decided to take the kids to the trains. I said that we would go next week because my family was going to be coming down so we thought it would be a fun free thing to do with them.(they didn't end up coming but that's okay.) Ryan went and wouldn't stop talking about the trains and the next night kept asking us when we could go and see them again so we told him on Saturday. We took my Gparents with us and Ryan was basically running to go and see them. Since we hadn't been there he knew where everything was and it was hard keeping up with him.
Blaine and I where in singles ward with one of these guys daughters and this house is right next to the church building and is quite large so I figured that his back yard had a huge pool and everything we are in AZ you know. Nope no pool only Trains. He has an entire garage just to store his trains and be the depot for them.
Everywhere you looked there was trains. The guy was even in his shop getting ready to send another one out it was really neat to see how he gets them ready to go.
One of the trains coming around a bend. Ryan was in heaven with all of these trains.
He even has a train crash set up. You don't see them crash but you can see one coming.This will defiantly become part of our Christmas tradition.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree

The 1st weekend in December so a last weekend I really wanted to go and get a Tree. The nice thing is Blaine and I still have to have a real tree so usually we make it down to Home Depot to get a tree.
This year Blaine said that he got a coupon for Moon Vally Nursery so we went and looked there first. I totally love that place now. They had there trees so nicely displayed so you could see all of them and how full they where. We looked at a few and found our perfect one. Cameron was still trying to get over being sick but we took him out when it was nice and warm to get our tree and then we went straight home I promise.

Ryan at first didn't want to help set up the tree but once we started going he was happy to help. Blaine puts up the lights and then I decorate it. I hate doing the lights and he hates doing the decorating so we have it worked out.

The after picture soon to come I forgot to take one.

Mr Cameron

Cameron is doing A LOT better. He is drinking and eating (or lack there of) the same way he was before he got sick. I think he has likely gained all three pounds that he lost back. From almost being in the hospital. syringe feeding for a day or so breathing treatments every 4 hours and two injections of Rocephin we are doing better.

Blaine getting ready to give Cameron his breathing treatment. Cameron is thrilled can't you tell.

Cameron saying cheese for the camera

Look at all of his teeth.